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Welcome To Our New Website

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Rocket-Hire is excited to announce the launch of our revamped website!

Besides providing the usual stuff about who we are and what we do, our new site maintains our mission of providing useful information and expert commentary about the use of pre-employment assessment tools within the modern recruitment and hiring process.

Our new site offers several easy ways for readers to share our views and opinions:

First and foremost is our new blog feature.  Our blog supports our core mission of providing expert, unbiased information about everything related to pre-employment assessment tools.  It will also help support our mission to bridge the gap between the science behind assessments and their practical application.  To these ends, we plan to use our blog as a forum to share our thoughts and opinions about news and trends that are shaping the future of technology-based hiring and pre-employment assessments.  We are excited about sharing our opinions on news and hot topics from our field, and we invite others who are interested in these things to join in the discussion.
Make sure to try the RSS feature, which will allow you to sign up to automatically receive our blog posts.

Rocket-Hire is now on Twitter, so be sure to sign up to follow us.  We will be tweeting news and information we want to share, including notification of new blog postings.  We are excited about keeping in touch with you!

Articles and research-
The new site will continue to provide us with a way to share our latest articles, research and whitepapers. Over the past 8 years, we have been writing articles for the Electronic Recruiting Exchange and other media outlets, cranking out lots of useful whitepapers, and publishing our own research.  Our new site provides an easy way for you to access all of our various writings.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you. Enjoy the new site!