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What Are Employees Saying About Your Company?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Anything good? Everything bad? On the heels of the long-celebrated – and notorious – F***, several workplace critique sites have popped up in the last few years. The latest to catch on are, and JobVent, both of which attempt to quantify ratings of the work environment. Like others, these sites rely on the comments and attitude ratings of current and former employees. JobVent actually makes an attempt at scoring the organization’s desirability as a workplace, whereas Glassdoor cultivates its registered users to cull more accurate ratings. Recently in the news, Jobs of the Damned is focused on collecting material for a book on bad bosses.

Like the ubiquitous and the broader issues associated with merchants and service providers profiled on Yelp, some question the reality behind the ratings, thinking that isolated and overly irritated employees will dominate postings and unfairly characterize a firm as a bad place to work. On the other hand, each of the sites named above contains glowing reviews of many employers.

So will the new transparency affect recruiting efforts at less-than-positive workplaces, or will this trend fade away like F’ed Company? And does your organization deserve its online profile?