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Answers for Sale- Pre-employment Assessment is Here to Stay

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I just saw something extremely interesting. All I need is five bucks and I can be sure to pass the Wal-Mart pre-employment assessment test. It says so right here (link removed at request of Wal-Mart)

I copied the following text right off the web:

April 15, 2010

Title Wal-Mart Pre-Employment Assessment Test answers

Description I have the answers to pass the Pre-Employment Assessment Test from Wal-Mart! I took the test the other day and passed!

Don’t fail the Pre-Employment Assessment Test from Wal-Mart, if you do, you can NOT re-take the test till after 60 days. If you pass it, it stays on file for 2 years.

By the way, there are 45 questions on this test. Just send $5 to my paypal e-mail address… and I will e-mail it to you ASAP.

Thank you!


Check it out fast before Wal-Mart’s laywers lay a cease and desist on this clown.

This amazing offer really shows that pre-employment assessment is here to stay.  Congratulations to all of us I/O geeks, we’ve hit the big time!!  The need for qualified advice when it comes to testing is stronger than ever!!

Post-script- Wal-Mart has asked me to remove the link to the aforementioned site.  The site is no longer active anyway.  The main idea of the story remains however.

New Assessment Trends Report- Worth Reading

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I highly recommend that anyone interested in learning about trends in pre-employment assessment usage take a look at PreVisor’s newest report.

This report is an excellent compliment to our own yearly assessment usage survey, the results of which are available from our website.  PreVisor’s report confirms some of our major findings and adds some insight in areas that we did not cover.  The key finding of interest across both studies is that…

  • While almost all companies report that quality of hire is very important to them, a relatively small number actually evaluate it.

What’s it going to take for companies to get with the program and understand how important it is to understand the value of their pre-employment assessment programs?

Some key findings not included in our report include:

  • Companies have use the downturn to concentrate on developing existing talent as opposed to hiring new talent.  Most companies have placed plans to adopt new assessment tools on hold until the economy improves (happening now!!!).
  • Most companies are still working on determining exactly how to to use social media as part of a formal recruiting strategy.
  • While applicant reactions to the recruiting process are seen as critical, few companies actually have any formal programs for evaluating them.
  • While career development is seen as a high priority, few companies surveyed actually  have any formal promotional processes.

Sum total, the results of PreVisor’s study confirm a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to hiring and hiring related initiatives.  Results also reinforce the lack of formalized evaluation for initiatives that are deemed important.

We look forward to the results of the 2010 survey and expect that they will reflect the results of economic recovery in terms of an increase in the use and evaluation of hiring related assessments.