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Best Tweet Gets the Job? Not so Fast.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

A kooky recruiting story has been getting pretty big play this summer, but the punchline isn’t necessarily what it seems. Mike McKay of media giant Saatchi was looking to hire a copywriter, and told the Atlantic Monthly that he was going to select his next employee based on a clever tweet. Unlike some bloggers proclaiming that the winner now has a $70k-a-year job, it actually appears that the winner simply did that: Won a contest.

Presumably, the Chosen One (Jonathan Pelleg of Austin, TX) will get interviewed at the very least, with the possibility of getting the job only emerging after some sort of selection procedure and conversations with management…right?

But as a sourcing strategy, it’s certainly clever and likely being duplicated already. It certainly is by job seekers, it seems.