Sharing is Caring- A Word About Access to Your Assessment Data

I have recently been working with several clients who have been less than happy with their current pre-employment assessment vendor.  One of the common themes underlying their concerns is the fact that their assessment provider will not allow them access to the assessment data collected from applicants.

While data ownership is definitely a common bone of contention when creating assessment contracts, no one should be denied access to their data.  If your vendor is not willing to share this information with you, it raises a serious red flag.

Most of the vendor whom I have seen using a no share policy use a “proprietary” methodology and suggest that outside data analysts just don’t have the know how to make sense of the data correctly.  This is one reason to avoid vendors with super secret methods.  Vendors should be able to provide test data that can be used in external, 3rd party validation studies. This is important because statistics are easily manipulated and the procedures used are often not explained with enough clarity to allow for duplication.  Vendors have agendas to show their clients results and often this can lead to conclusions that cannot be fully trusted.

Be sure to ask potential vendors about their data sharing and ownership policies and strongly consider steering clear of those vendors who are not willing to share.  Barney the Dinosaur speaks the truth when he says “Sharing is Caring”  It’s hard to believe that a vendor who won’t share, really cares about you as a client.

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