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July 21-24, Columbus, OH

International Personnel Assessment Counsel (IPAC), Annual Conference

Sept 16-18, 2013, Chicago

ERE Fall Expo

Oct. 7-9, 2013, Las Vegas

HR Technology Conference & Expo


Past Events

Selected past webcasts and speaking engagements include:


April 20, 2013

WEBINAR: Getting the Most Out of Pre-Hire Assessments: a 4-Step Model for Success. Dr. Handler places an emphasis on the practical side of the science of good hiring and provides a formula for directly linking assessment tools to ROI.

April 22-25, 2013

Bersin IMPACT Conference. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Making Informed Hiring Decisions: The Value Proposition for Pre-hire Assessment.
Date and time TBA.

May 8-10, 2013

SHL LINK Client Conference, Washington, D.C.
Panelist: Cool Technology: The Latest Innovations in Talent Measurement & Development.
Friday, May 10

WEBINAR: Choosing a Pre-hire Assessment Partner–The First Step in Turning Your Hiring Process Into a Profit Center
April 4
In this webcast, Dr. Charles Handler, president and founder of Rocket-Hire, a vendor neutral assessment consulting firm, shares his proven methodology for developing an assessment strategy and choosing the best vendor to help you execute it.

SIOP 28th Annual Conference Houston, TX
April 11-13
Panelist: Simulations and Personnel Selection. Thursday April 11, 12:00 pm
Presenter: Back to the Future of Technology – Enhanced I-O Practice.

ERE Expo, San Diego. CA
Pre-Conference Workshop. Creating a Global Assessment Strategy: What you need to know
April 15-17
Scaling the use of assessments across a whole organization is a lot tougher than some one-offs. Current levels of technology make it easier then ever to go global, but success requires a careful strategy. Assessment expert and I/O psychologist Charles Handler will discuss:

  • Why global strategy is a good idea
  • Identify key parameters that must be considered
  • Discuss differences between local and global rollout
  • Several case studies of how this has been done

Webcast with Charles Handler of Rocket-Hire and Kim Lamoureux/Bersin by Deloitte
Pre-hire Assessments: Hiring the Right Talent Feb 28
In this webinar, Kim and Charles will explain the core screening and testing methods used for selecting candidates, and provide information about the role of prediction in assessment’s value proposition. They also will discuss the realities of using assessments, and introduce a four-step model for selecting and implementing pre-hire assessments effectively.


Webinar - Pre-hire Assessments: Hiring the Right Talent Nov 29
Webcast with Dr. Charles Handler and Kim Lamoreaux of Bersin and Associates.  This webcast covers a range of best practices for pre-hire assessments, centering around a four-step model for the effective use of  pre-hire assessments, and providing practical information on a range of related subjects.

2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition Executive Forum Dec 6
Rocket-Hire is pleased to be a sponsor for this event. Join Dr. Handler for a full day of talent acquisition thought leadership and roundtable discussion.

What’s next in staffing and employee selection- Podcast with Steven Hunt of Successfactors
Dr. Charles Handler, founder and President of Rocket Hire shares insights into the next wave of tools designed to improve the accuracy of staffing decisions.

BizX Radio Episode 118
Direct Mp3 Download

HR Technology Conference & Expo Oct 8-10
A generational shift is happening in computing – have you felt it? – making this the most important year ever for you to attend the HR Technology® Conference.

The major drivers are The Cloud and Social Technology in the Enterprise. Make no mistake. Only HR Technology® brings enough of our community together to make it collectively wise enough to help you plot your future, while solving the problems you still face today.

ERE Expo Fall 2012 Sept 5-7
The Recruiting Profession's Premier Conference. Attendees regularly say they learn as much from fellow attendees as they do during the sessions. When you put several hundred recruiting leaders in the same place for 2-plus days, great things are bound to happen!

SHRM 64th Annual Conference June 24-27
Meeting people and colleagues can give you fresh perspectives, a way to exchange innovative ideas, and new solutions. This year, we are creating even more opportunities for you to network with your peers, both online and in-person.

    SIOP Conference—Current Research in Advanced Assessment Technologies April 27
    Advanced assessment technologies are quickly becoming the “assessment method of choice” for a wide range of occupations, but the research in this area is not as ubiquitous. Leading-edge research on validity, applicant reactions, user acceptability, and the expanding measurement space will be revealed.

    SHRM webcast with Brandon Hall Strategic Assessments: From Pre-Hire to Retire
    Presenters: Stacey Harris, Brandon Hall; and Charles Handler, Ph.D., Rocket-Hire
    The assessment process begins from the moment applicants enter your organization, to the time they retire after (hopefully) long and productive careers. Over the course of an employee's career, your organization compiles a voluminous amount of assessment information -- key data that can be used to inform your decisions about selection, performance, planning and human capital management. But, do you know how to capture, analyze and report this data for strategic planning purposes?

    Show me the money! Choosing a pre-employment assessment partner. Jan 18: In this webcast, Dr. Charles Handler, president and founder of Rocket-Hire, a vendor neutral assessment consulting firm, shares his proven methodology for developing an assessment strategy and choosing the best vendor to help you execute it.

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