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“Everything in the future online is going to look like a multiplayer game”- Eric Schmidt (CEO, Google).

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

So, besides causing serious concerns about personal privacy, when has Google ever been wrong?  I am sure they have had a few projects that have not worked out but few can argue that they have been a major driver in the evolution of the web.  I was almost moved to tears by Eric Schmidt’s words because they are in-line with my thoughts about the future of assessment.  As new technology has become available it has been applied to solving problems and creating opportunities in all walks of life, from banking to shopping, to dating to hiring.  Why should we expect this trend to stop now and why should we expect that hiring and pre-employment assessment will be exempt from this truisim?

While the world of assessment still has one foot firmly in the horn rimmed paper and pencil world from which we came, we are slowly marching towards a new era where complex relationships in data will fuel amazing levels of insight and the ability to support decision making.  A big part of this march forward will involve the simulation of reality in a manner that is highly interactive, educational, and relevant.  What the specifics of this will look like are unclear as we have still to wait for the technology that will allow it to happen.  It’s pretty exciting stuff and it’s going to happen faster then you think.  Just turn the clock back 20 years and think about what luddites we were faxing things back and forth and storing our info on those big floppy discs that have 1000 times less capacity then my USB ink pen.

Please do note that I do not advocate removing humans from the decision making process.  I still see the role of game like simulations in the hiring process as collecting data and providing insight based on it.  As long as it comes to decisions about people and their lives, we humans need to remain involved.

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