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Talent Management: 5 Reasons Why Choosing an Assessment Vendor Can Be Hard

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Wordle: Assessment Vendors 2012Now that we are halfway through the first month of a new year, we can turn away from celebrating the holidays, reading predictions and making resolutions – and get down to work. For many organizations the first quarter starts with a bang as a fresh fiscal year infuses departments with budgets to buy new and shiny tools or services to implement new processes.

Be honest – you know this is true.

For HR Talent Managers the new year brings a chance to find a solution to the ever-challenging needs of the organization to put the right people in the right roles at the right time, in order to achieve business outcomes. And the only sure fire way to find the right people for a job is through talent measurement, aka assessment.

No need to go into details about the benefits of well-designed assessment processes, because you likely wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t agree. So, cutting to the chase – it’s not all that easy to find your perfect match in the world of assessment providers.

Choosing an assessment vendor can be hard because:

  1. Assessment is a complex topic and understanding it can be confusing.
  2. There are literally hundreds of assessment vendors and it is hard to tell which ones are good and how they differ from one another.
  3. It’s not just about choosing tests – you need to build a process first.
  4. Despite what your vendor may say – not every assessment strategy is effective in every situation.
  5. Assessments do not live alone in a neat box, but instead need to play well with your organization’s other talent technology. Uncovering whether or not a vendor is capable of integrating with your systems can be time and cost consuming.

If  you find yourself lost in this confusing labyrinth of a ‘vendor selection process’ with no map, instructions or magical abilities, you should consider using our own Buyer’s Guide to Screening and Assessment Systems v3.0

As you can see by the 3.0 appended, this is the latest addition of a popular tool we first published 10 yrs ago. This newest edition provides even more expert, objective details about talent measurement vendors. We cut through the smoke and mirrors to help you make informed decisions, ultimately saving you time and money.

Check it out now, then you can get on to achieving other pressing business goals.


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