Rocket-Hire: Helping You Navigate the Pre-Employment Screening, Testing, and Assessment Universe

Consulting for Consumers and End Users of Testing and Assessment

We offer a number of services to end users of pre-employment testing, screening, and assessment tools. These services leverage our vendor neutral stance, our experience in developing and validating employee selection systems, our knowledge of the marketplace, and our knowledge of best practices. Services include:

Selection System/Assessment Audit

We provide a thorough audit of your hiring process including your use of screening and assessment tools, interviewing, and decision making tools and strategies. Our audit can help you answer valuable questions about the effectiveness and legal compliance of your process and will leave you with a solid strategy that will ensure you are creating value.

Selection System/Assessment Strategy Development

We partner with our clients to understand their business, their needs, and concerns, and to develop an assessment strategy that makes sense given these parameters.

Unbiased Testing and Assessment Vendor Selection

We use our experience and our proven methodology to help our clients identify the best assessment vendor for their needs. Our highly collaborative methodology involves the following steps:

  • Discovery — We partner with our clients to learn about their business, their specific objectives for the engagement, and the parameters that will guide our research.
  • Research — We use our knowledge of the marketplace, our network, and our research skills to identify the vendors best suited to meet client needs and objectives.
  • Deliverable/Feedback — We create a concrete deliverable document with a ranked list of vendors. This document is supported by de-briefing and discussion.

We also provide more in-depth follow up to the above services by creating and managing RFPs, vendor demos, and final vendor selection.

Implementation and Integration of Testing, Screening, and Assessment Tools

We assist clients in making sure that implementation follows best practices. We also assist with change management required to help ensure that your recruitment and staffing personnel understand the value of assessment tools and know how to use them correctly.

Development and Validation of Pre-employment Testing, Screening, and Assessment Tools

We provide all the services you need to ensure your selection process and related assessments follow best practices. We offer services such as job analysis, 3rd party validation, and technical documentation. We also have deep experience as psychometricians and can develop valid, scientifically sound products for our clients.

Assessment/Testing Related Educational Services

We offer education and training related to the use of a specific employee selection system or process, as well as general education about assessment and its value.

Corporate Surveys

We offer a full range of survey services including employee engagement surveys, exit surveys, and more.

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