Rocket-Hire: Helping You Navigate the Pre-Employment Screening, Testing, and Assessment Universe

Consulting for Vendors of Testing, Assessment, and Hiring-related Services

We have extensive experience serving vendors in all areas of the technology based hiring marketplace. While we specialize in working with vendors of pre-employment testing, screening and assessment tools, we have also added value for vendors of related services such as job boards, applicant tracking, and talent management systems.

Rocket-Hire combines a deep knowledge of the trends in technology based hiring, an up-to-date understanding of the marketplace for technology based hiring tools, our brand, and our extensive network to add value for our clients via the following services:

Market Research and Strategy Consulting

We use our extensive knowledge of the marketplace to help our clients to better understand how their products stack up to the latest trends and the products of the competition. Our market research consulting is based on a proven methodology that includes the following steps:

Step 1: Discovery

We partner with our clients to learn about their business, their specific objectives for the engagement, and the parameters that will guide our research.

Step 2: Research

We use our knowledge of the marketplace, our network, and our research skills to identify information that supports client objectives.

Step 3: Deliverable/Feedback

We present our results in the form of a concrete deliverable document that is also used to support de-briefing and discussion to ensure that all project objectives have been met.

We have experience applying this methodology to a wide range of client objectives. Some example engagements include:

  • Identifying competitors in the assessment marketplace and evaluating client products vs. those offered by the competition
  • Identifying gaps in the assessment marketplace and advising clients on strategy to create products to fill them
  • Helping international assessment companies develop a strategy for entering the US marketplace
  • Understanding M and A trends in the assessment marketplace and helping create strategic plans for exit and acquisition strategies
  • Assisting in the development of marketing strategies for testing and assessment products

Product Strategy and Development Consulting

We understand innovation, the current state of testing and assessment product development, and the technical requirements required for the development of scientifically sound and technologically advanced products. We have helped a variety of companies to make the most of their investment in their products. Some example client engagements include:

  • Reviewing product development strategy, providing SWOT analysis
  • Helping design technical specifications for new products
  • Performing due diligence on testing and assessment products
  • Helping clients to decide between building or buying content required for the creation of new products
  • Helping clients to evaluate the best potential targets for acquisition or partnership

Strategic Introductions

We have an extensive network that includes persons in all areas of the market for technology based hiring tools, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, RPO, and the practice of HR, staffing, and recruitment. We have cultivated this network via almost a decade of research and practice and it has continued to be a proven a value add for our clients. Some example client engagements include:

  • Identifying value added resellers and facilitating introductions
  • Identifying best options for exit strategy and acquisition
  • Facilitating introductions to those who can provide products or services required for growth and innovation
  • Fostering strategic alliances between companies providing complementary products and services


Since its inception in 2001, Rocket-Hire has been a champion of the use of technology to foster innovation within the hiring process and has provided thought leadership in support of this objective. Our mission is to explore new frontiers in the development of pre-employment testing, screening, and assessment products while acknowledging and remaining true to our roots as Industrial Psychologists. We are always eager to partner with clients who are looking to develop the future. There is no limit to the boundaries of our work in providing creative input and innovation for our clients.

Brand Alignment

Our brand stands for innovation, objectivity, neutrality, sound science, and exceptional customer service. We offer a range of brand alignment services to help clients leverage the strength of our brand to promote their products and services. While we do not directly endorse products, we do help create an alignment between our client's products and services and our values via the following opportunities:

  • E-mail list — We provide the ability to broadcast your message to our e-mail list containing over 8,000 persons across I/O Psychology, corporate recruitment and staffing, and vendors of technology based hiring products.
  • Newsletter sponsorship — We offer the opportunity to sponsor our quarterly newsletter that goes out to all of the persons on our mailing list.
  • Whitepapers and webcasts — Our founder, Charles Handler, Ph.D., provides thought leadership via the development and delivery of whitepapers and webcasts discussing important issues related to hiring, testing, and assessment.
  • Speaking engagements — Dr. Handler is available for speaking engagements and workshops.
  • Inclusion in our Pre-employment Testing and Assessment Buyer’s Guide — We offer organizations with quality screening, testing, and assessment products the opportunity to be featured in our online Buyer’s Guide product.

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What We Do:

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A Word About Our Integrity

Rocket-Hire Core Values

Integrity is one of our core values and we have built a reputation on our ability to remain objective and keep all client information confidential. While we work for clients who are competitors, we have a perfect track record of protecting information provided by our clients and working within the confines of mutual non-disclosure agreements.

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