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Notes from HR Tech: Lots to see and do, but a bit Thin in the Pre-employment Assessment Department


by Dr. Charles Handler Oct 5, 2010

Assessment is severely under-represented at the HR Tech show. Despite this, the newest and brightest technology-backed assessment products all include some form of simulation to make the experience more engaging and realistic for applicants, while also providing a superior ability to predict performance, especially for more complex jobs.

Movement from Test to Experience: a Fundamental Shift in Assessment Perspective


by Dr. Charles Handler Sep 16, 2010

Those of us in the testing and assessment business are very proud of what we do. We have about 50 years of experience in helping companies to make better hiring decisions, resulting in happier employees and increased ROI.

It’s Time for Rocket Hire’s Annual Online Assessment Usage Survey


by Dr. Charles Handler and Mark C. Healy, M.A., Jul 13, 2010

Many ERE readers know that we at Rocket-Hire have a fanatical interest in the pre-employment assessment industry, and continuously comment about its trends and happenings.

Profiles: the New Résumé?


by Dr. Charles Handler May 26, 2010

I’ve been raving for a good while now about the fact that the resume is doomed. Let’s take a quick look at the facts.

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know all About You … Assessment and Social Networking


by Dr. Charles Handler Mar 24, 2010

Taking a relaxing bath last night, I found myself thinking about making an update to my Facebook page and about how I need to get going on creating an invite for an event I am having in a few weeks. My thoughts then wandered to musing on how I had used LinkedIn extensively during my daily work and how absolutely helpful it had been.

Is Pre-employment Assessment Right For You? 7 Questions


by Dr. Charles Handler Feb 26, 2010

While assessment can be beneficial in most situations, it is better suited for some scenarios. I’m going to highlight a few situations for which I feel assessment really is a good fit.

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