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Notes from the HR Technology Show: Assessment (and the rest of HR) hits the jackpot with data analytics


by Dr. Charles Handler Oct 12, 2011

I am still a bit disappointed that the majority of talent management vendors do not include assessment as a core part of their product offering. However, there were many talent management vendors who have begun to take steps down the right path. There were more vendors than ever offering a variety of interesting and unique products that demonstrate a continued deeper integration of assessment products designed to do more than just sling tests at job applicants.

Busted! A Decade's Worth of Data on EEOC/OFCCP Action on Assessments and Selection Systems


by Dr. Charles Handler Sep 23, 2011

Every year I attend the annual Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology conference to learn and make sure I am in touch with the latest goings-on in my field. This past year I was very excited to walk away with an unpublished research paper titled Legal Risk in Selection: An analysis of processes and tools, by Kate Williams, a doctoral candidate at Clemson University.

Pre-Employment Assessment and Candidate Feedback: Letters From the Black Hole


by Dr. Charles Handler Jul 21, 2011

Where else can people you have never met find you and reach out for highly specific advice, providing real world stories that help us keep in touch with the end-user perspective?

Success With Pre-Employment Assessment Can be Yours in 4 Easy Steps


by Dr. Charles Handler May 5, 2011

The general climate among HR and staffing professionals is that pre-employment assessment is a complex and confusing matter that is not really worth the hassle. Why is this so?

Keepin' it Real: Assessment's Value Prop for Recruiters and Hiring Managers


by Dr. Charles Handler Mar 29, 2011

Thoughts following ERE Expo in San Diego.

Trends in the World of Pre-Employment Testing for 2011


by Dr. Charles Handler Feb 3, 2011

Here's what I see unfolding in pre-employment assessment for 2011.

A Pre-Employment Assessment Candidate Bill of Rights


by Dr. Charles Handler Jan 14, 2011

As those involved in recruitment and hiring continue to develop a sense of importance around employment branding and candidate experience, it's about time we talked about the rights that candidates have when it comes to pre-employment assessment.

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