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Where Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation Meet with Sova’s Alan Bourne

Big things have happened since the last episode of Science 4-Hire. Rocket-Hire has joined forces with Sova, an awesome global talent assessment provider based in the U.K. working with organizations all over the world. It was an organic union that transpired through a mutual respect for innovative ideas that are grounded in solid science. 

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Talent Assessment in 10 Years?: Recruiting Strategy Thought Leader Kevin Wheeler Sounds off

Featuring: Kevin Wheeler

This episode’s guest is Kevin Wheeler, Founder and Chairman of the Future of Talent Institute. Kevin is a futurist and a true thought leader whose personal brand brings to the party a practical but future-forward blend of wisdom. Kevin brings a really strong foundation in understanding the role talent will play in shaping the future…

Geeking out on Employment Testing

Featuring: Fred Oswald

In this episode Dr. Handler & Dr. Fred Oswald- past president of SIOP and scientist extraordinaire discuss a range of topics related to the past, present, and future of employment testing. The discussion starts with the foundational reasons employment testing exists- immutable things such as the value of measuring individual differences. The discussion then turns…