Posts From Month: March 2020

Driving Engagement While Increasing Quality of Hire [WEBINAR]

There is a perception that using assessments in the hiring process automatically has a negative impact on the candidate experience. This results in fewer companies using assessments in the hiring process to avoid creating a negative candidate experience. The fact is, the use of assessments during the hiring process has a measurable and positive impact…

Adele Tiblier - - 03/27/2020

Do You Have What It Takes To Work From Anywhere?

Are you ready? Once the pandemic has subsided (soon please!) the learnings from the adaptations we have been forced to make will undoubtedly drive long-lasting changes. It seems inevitable that one such change will be an accelerated shift to remote work. Even before Novel Corona, new technology and a demand for flexibility have pushed a…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 03/25/2020

Demystifying AI in Assessments

Marketing hype machines are creating artificial intelligence (AI) FOMO — including in the talent-assessment space, with promises of exponential gains in efficiency and accuracy. With so many vendors and so many claims, things can consequently get murky trying to differentiate between assessment products. Then, too, it’s important to ask yourself: Are you really trying to…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 03/12/2020