AI-Based Hiring Tools: Should You Believe the Hype? [WEBINAR]

AI is everywhere and when it comes to talent acquisition and hiring, most every vendor offers the dream of a better tomorrow through the use of AI. But most consumers of HR tech are not sure exactly what AI is and how it is incorporated into these tools. AI is also misunderstood because it is pitched as a solution to everything, but AI in itself is not a solution, it is a tool. AI has also come under fire as an agent of bias and a toolset that may cause legal exposure. But AI also offers some amazing efficiencies that can increase efficiency in the hiring process.

ERE Media discussed this topic with Dr. Charles Handler, president of Rocket-Hire, during a webinar (sponsored by iCMIS) held on Thursday, April 9th, 2020.

During the webinar, Charles provided some definition of how AI is used in TA and discussed the various touchpoints in the hiring process where AI can add value while helping understand which use cases may present risks.

If you’re involved with the recruiting process and want to better informed regarding AI, then you’ll definitely get value from this webinar is for you!