PowerScreen is a short but powerful top of the funnel psychometric screening assessment designed to quickly and efficiently evaluate applicants against the most important characteristics required for job success. 

Personalized for your business, optimized and validated by experts.

PowerScreen allows you to elevate your brand by telling your story and standing apart from the herd.

  • Personalized for your business using a combination of services (job analysis and validation)
  • Engaging assessment experience that includes traditional self-reporting measures, videos, and interactive item formats
  • Configured to deliver a storyboard-based assessment experience that allows you to tell your company’s “Job Story” by immersing the applicant into the job via videos and realistic scenario based items

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Validation Studies Icon - Rocket-Hire How does PowerScreen provide a superior Applicant Experience?

PowerScreen gives the applicant the power to become the hero of your job story through an experience that is:


PowerScreen measures only the most important traits required for success in 5-10 minutes


PowerScreen uses an interactive storyboard format to provide applicants with a realistic preview of key scenarios the will face on the job and empowering them to become the hero of the story


Powerscreen uses interactive items such as videos, pictures, and drag and drop responses to involve applicants in the story


PowerScreen tells a story that provides a positive representation of your brand

Job relevant

Your PowerScreen story is based on a job analysis that identifies realistic “critical incidents” that are found on the jobs. PowerScreen never leaves applicants wondering, “Why are they asking me this?”

How does PowerScreen instill confidence and reduce exposure/risk?

PowerScreen is personalized to your business via a process that follows the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines to ensure job relevance and validity.  The construction process is run by experienced IO psychologists and includes the following key steps:

Job analysis

Identifies the top 3 traits to be included in PowerScreen as well as realistic situations that can be used as the foundation of your personalized job story.

Test plan

Job analysis outputs defines exactly how and where in the assessment each mission critical trait will be measured

Test development

Our experts use the job analysis and test plan to create a complete storyboard based assessment

Concurrent validation

We collect the data needed to create the final item set for your PowerScreen and to ensure the assessment is free of adverse impact.  We also use validation information to set a cut score that helps ensure you are setting the bar in the right place.

Technical documentation

The entire PowersScreen development and validation process is documented in EEOC compliant technical report.

  • The PowerScreen measurement model takes a “whole person”, multi-method approach that leverages multiple item types and formats
  • PoweScreen can incorporate both video and picture based items
  • The standard PowerScreen utilizes standard item types such as biodata, attitudes, situational judgment, & personality. These can be delivered in both traditional and interactive item formats.
  • PowerScreen “Job Story” assessments utilize approach utilizes a variety of interactive items and elements woven together into an experience
  • We have the ability to integrate specialty assessment products (such as cognitive games) from other vendors into each PowerScreen
  • PowerScreen is built on Rocket-Hire’s LaunchPad platform
  • PowerScreen can be integrated with any ATS so it is embedded directly into the talent acquisition workflow
  • Rocket-Hire can also build PowerScreen into an existing technology platform that already in use
  • PowerScreen is fully mobile optimized
  • PowerSceen provides you with the opportunity to engage and delight applicants in ways that traditional assessments cannot
  • PowerScreen is built to handle high applicant volume at the top of the funnel, allowing you to screen in the best and screen out the worst
  • By staying focused on the top 3 traits required for success- PowerScreen keeps it short while increasing the odds that you will hire the future superstars that will deliver for your business.
  • PowerScreen provides a realistic job preview that ensures your applicants understand the job they are applying for and can opt out if they don’t feel they are a good fit.
  • Each PowerScreen is created by experts using a proven process that provides you with piece of mind when it comes to compliance and risk management