Nationwide Security Services Provider


While seventy five percent of the client's workforce holds the job title of "Security Agent", in reality there is a great deal of variation in the various work environments and duties of the job. Variations in the job meant that there were really several flavors of “Security Agent”. The client’s hiring process does not account for the variation in Agent types. The client also has extremely high applicant volume for the job. The net result of a lack of different job profiles and high applicant volume has limited the client’s ability to get the right applicants routed to the positions that suit them best. The failure to route applicants to jobs for which they are best suited also resulted in a high level of attrition due to mismatches that result when new hires are placed in jobs for which they are not ideally suited. The client needed an automated and legally defensible way to route applicants to the right job openings.


Rocket-Hire partnered with Talent Growth Advisors (a Talent Acquisition strategy firm) to build a solution that would route the right candidates to the right hiring managers based on a match between the applicant’s profile and the demands of each different work environment. Our first step was to conduct a job analysis study to understand and document the different agent profiles. This study focused on identifying the different environments in which Security Agents work and the ideal characteristics required for success in each. The work began with a series of stakeholder interviews and SME focus groups. A set of initial profiles was then constructed and verified via a survey of SMEs and their supervisors. The result of the job analysis was the verification of several unique Security Agent profiles. The profiles defined the personal preferences and characteristics that were associated with each profile. Rocket-Hire then created a series of screening questions that were embedded into the client’s ATS. These questions provided a way to document applicant’s work preferences and characteristics early in the hiring process. The ATS then used each candidate’s score on the screening questions to route them to hiring managers who were filling positions that best suited each applicant.


The client was able to launch the profile-based screening questions as part of their new ATS roll out. The questions allowed each applicant to be routed to the recruiter who was filling jobs that match the applicant’s profile. The addition of automated profile based screening questions at the top of the applicant funnel helped drive hiring process efficiency and resulted in increased new hire job satisfaction and reduced attrition of newly hired Security Agents.