Global Human Capital Management Consulting Firm


The client, a global human capital consulting firm, was in a bind because they needed to find a new technology platform to host their global assessment center program on a tight deadline. The new platform had to meet very specific functionality requirements in order to ensure there was no interruption in the client’s ability to service the assessment center clients they were supporting via the platform.


The client engaged Rocket-Hire to help them find a new platform provider. Rocket-Hire moved quickly to document the requirements required of the new platform. The process began with a thorough review of the client’s assessment center methodology and the platform used to support it. Once the critical requirements were defined, Rocket-Hire conducted research to identify potential vendors who would be a good match for the client’s needs. The research phase included vendors in Rocket-Hire’s database as well as several new vendors who were identified via the process. Rocket-Hire reached out to vendors to gauge their interest and their ability to support the client’s needs. Rocket-Hire then created a request for Information that was keyed to the client’s requirements and sent it to five vendors. The request for information was scored and the results shared with the client.


After leading several follow-up conversations, Rocket-Hire was able to support the vendor in making a final choice and getting a contract in place before the deadline. The client was able to ensure that their assessment center program did not miss a beat during the switch.