Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm


The client was in need of revisions to their hiring process for their phone-based financial advisors. This position has the highest headcount in the organization. Advisors are responsible for directly advising clients on their investment accounts. Advisors must hold a Series 7 license and therefore must be able to pass the licensure exam as part of their 8-month training program. The demands of passing the Series 7 exam, demanding hours, and the complexity of and advising customers on complex financial transactions mean it is not for everyone.

To address continually tried to understand high rates of turnover and an opportunity to provide better service, the client had done work to identify the profile for success but felt that they continued to miss the mark.


Rocket-Hire was retained by the client to review the entire hiring process and present recommendations to make sure it is maximally effective, legally defensible and candidate friendly. Rocket-Hire conducted a thorough discovery process - studying the job and all the components of the hiring process and engaging stakeholders to discuss challenges.

The capstone of Rocket-Hire's discovery process was a report out to the business recommending several key initiatives to undertake. The first of these was to conduct a job analysis for the position as the first step in refining the hiring process. Rocket-Hire visited six locations and interviewed agents and their supervisors. This work resulted in an extensive performance model for the job that was created and verified via a survey completed by all agents and supervisors.

Rocket-Hire’s review also noted that an existing test designed to predict applicants’ ability to pass the Series 7 licensure exam had not been locally validated.


Beyond providing essential compliance documentation, the job analysis provided a performance model that was used to update interviews and assist in the calibration of a video assessment tool.

Rocket-Hire conducted an objective, 3rd party validation study that documented a significant increase in passage rate based on the pre-hire test as well as a lack of adverse impact on the test. Rocket-Hire supported the business with a presentation and an EEOC-compliant technical manual.