Global Private Equity firm


The client was actively looking to make an investment in the talent assessment space but lacked the expert understanding of the market needed to guide their decision making. The client needed a partner to educate them on key aspects of the talent assessment market such as: the market landscape, differentiating vendors, understanding talent assessment methodologies, and understanding buyer behavior. In addition to general intelligence about the talent assessment market, the client wished to collect fresh information from both buyers and sellers of assessments and develop market valuation estimates.


Rocket-Hire began this engagement by learning about the client’s goals and objectives and creating a set of parameters to guide the research phase of the project. Rocket-Hire then provided detailed information in response to the client’s critical questions. Rocket-Hire also conducted an extensive benchmarking study involving over 20 enterprise companies to learn about their talent assessment strategies and programs. The information collected from these interviews was then coded and entered into a database - allowing insight into major trends across participants. Rocket-Hire also conducted benchmarking studies with successful assessment vendors. The focus of this benchmarking was to better understand each vendor’s most innovative products, their competitive view on the market, and the extent to which they were a viable option for our client’s investment goals. Finally, Rocket-Hire worked closely with the client’s analysts to model out market size projections as they related to the client’s specific targets.


Rocket-Hire was able to help our client find the investment that fit them best based on a thorough study of the market that was based on their specific goals. Our thorough research and domain expertise provided the client with the ability to make decisions with confidence. Rocket-Hire’s ability to engage both vendors and users of talent assessments in benchmarking and create a database of information that could be analyzed to identify and confirm market trends helped our client realize success.