Testimonial From Talent Growth Advisors (TGA)

“As a long time leader of TA and TM efforts, both as a practitioner within Fortune 500 firms, and as the owner of a strategic talent consultancy, I have worked with a litany of I/O PhDs over the years. Never have I worked with one as practical, ground engaged and whip-smart as Charles Handler. He balances strategic insights with a bias for action and an outcome-driven orientation. He acts as a thought partner and coach to help others consider a range of options related to the needs of the business and key outcomes, along with the speed, cost and quality of attraction, selection and retention efforts. He builds and maintains very strong, credible relationships with both business and HR leaders, which makes him a long-term go-to advisor for many organizations.”
Linda Brenner
President, Talent Growth Advisors (TGA)

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