Geeking out on Employment Testing

Featuring: Fred Oswald

In this episode Dr. Handler & Dr. Fred Oswald- past president of SIOP and scientist extraordinaire discuss a range of topics related to the past, present, and future of employment testing.
The discussion starts with the foundational reasons employment testing exists- immutable things such as the value of measuring individual differences. The discussion then turns to innovation in the field of personnel selection and the application of new concepts shaping the future of testing such as the “open science” movement.
Dr. Oswald shares his thoughts about who will shape the future of testing- will it be applicants’ demands for a consumer grade experience when applying for a job, technology companies, or I/O psychologists?
Finally- Dr. Oswald shares details of the research he is currently conducting.

Dr. Fred Oswald is a Professor in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program within the Department of Psychology at Rice University. He recently served as the president of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). With more than 8,000 average annual members, SIOP is the world’s largest professional organization for industrial and organizational psychologists. His expertise deals with personnel selection and psychological testing in organizational, education and military settings.

Dr. Oswald’s work deals with defining, modeling and predicting societally relevant outcomes from psychological measures that are based on cognitive and motivational constructs. The conversation ranges across both Dr. Oswald’s predictions, but also the state of the industry today.
Learn more about Dr. Oswald and his work at or email him at foswald(at)