About Us

Why Rocket-Hire?

We know how difficult it can be to select the right talent assessment. Sifting through so many options can be overwhelming, frustrating and challenging. 

Since 2001, we’ve worked with hundreds of leading companies across virtually every industry, from startups to Fortune 500s, helping them navigate assessment development, validation, selection and implementation. 

We serve as trusted advisers for enterprise talent leaders, offering a variety of services that leverage our position as the premier source of expert, objective information about all things talent assessment.

Our Team

Dr. Charles Handler - President/Founder - Rocket-Hire

Dr. Charles Handler

President / Founder

Dr. Charles Handler is the president and founder of Rocket-Hire. Throughout his career, he has specialized in developing effective, legally defensible employee selection systems. He has taken what he learned while developing recruitment and selection solutions for a wide variety of organizations and combined it with his love of technology to help clients develop new models for employee selection. His philosophy focuses on combining sound science with innovation and practicality to create online hiring strategies that provide ROI and demonstrate the value of human capital. Charles has a master's degree and a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology.

John Humphries - Lead Statistician / Psychometrician - Rocket-Hire

John R. Humphries Jr.

Lead Statistician / Psychometrician

John R. Humphries Jr., has developed his research and evaluation expertise over the course of more than 10 years of professional experience. After earning his master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, John gained a broad array of experience developing and implementing research methodologies ranging from door-to-door surveys to international online surveys. Applying statistical and qualitative research methodologies to achieve reliable results is one of John’s primary professional strengths. John is well-versed in transforming proprietary governmental and private industry database information into readily comprehensible knowledge that facilitates accurate decision-making. He has conducted numerous program evaluations, market research projects, public opinion research projects and evaluations of governmental performance.

Donna Sylvan, Ph.D.

Senior Executive Assessment and Development Consultant

Donna Sylvan, Ph.D. has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and as a human resources manager. Over her tenure, she has put a specialized focus on assisting leaders to create high-performing organizations. She has designed, implemented and facilitated assessment systems that provided developmental feedback to supervisors, managers and other high-potential employees. She has also coached executives and other leaders to improve their performance and working relationships. Her role at Rocket-Hire is within the assessment practice, and she is certified in several assessment tools, including the Hogan Assessment Series.

Ron Strieker, Ph.D.

Senior Executive Assessment and Development Consultant

Ron Strieker, Ph.D. has been working internally and externally in executive development capacities for over 30 years. His vast expertise is within executive assessments, organizational development, learning and coaching. He has experience working with full-scale executive assessments in companies in the automotive, manufacturing and healthcare industries. Ron is a part of the assessment practice team at Rocket-Hire and works to assist organizations in building strong effective teams and cultures. He is certified in a variety of assessments, including Hogan.

Robert Slabik

Associate Analyst/Project Manager

Robert Slabik has been assisting organizations in implementing assessment strategies for over five years. In his short tenure, he has run assessment center projects for global Fortune 500 companies in the financial, pharmaceutical and tech industries. Through his assessment center work, he has sought to assist companies in finding the right talent for their organization and to identify high-potential employees. As a project manager in the assessment practice at Rocket-Hire, Robert’s role is in coordinating the team to successfully tie complex projects together and see them through to completion.

Mandy Katz

Administrative Coordinator

Mandy Katz has over 10 years of experience in providing client and staff support, event planning, assessment and training program oversight. With a history of being a primary interface between vendors and clients, she works to provide a seamless experience in coordinating full-scale projects.