About Us

Our Mission: To be the premier source of expert, unbiased information about best practices and innovation for pre-hire talent assessment tools.

Founded in 2001, Rocket-Hire is a consultancy based in New Orleans, Louisiana with roots in the field of Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology.

We serve as trusted advisors to our clients, offering a variety of services that leverage our position as the premier source of expert, objective information about all things talent assessment.

We partner with our clients to help provide objective, vendor neutral guidance that ensures an optimal fit between their needs and the best tools and strategies available to meet these needs.

We work closely with organizations across virtually every industry, from start-ups to Fortune 500s, to help them create value through the development, implementation, and evaluation of pre-hire talent assessment tools for employees at every job level from hourly to the C-suite.

We Help You Do it Right

Validation Studies Icon - Rocket-HireWe have extensive experience in the development, validation, and implementation of all manner of pre-hire talent assessment tools. We partner with our clients to help ensure their hiring processes are both effective and legally compliant. We are vendor neutral and use a proven methodology to help ensure that our clients make smart choices when implementing testing, screening, and assessment tools.

We Know the Assessment Marketplace

Innovation In Assessment Technologies Icon - Rocket-HireA core part of our mission is to continually cultivate a deep knowledge of the marketplace for hiring tools. We have a strong network of clients and colleagues covering almost every area of the hiring process. We leverage nearly two decades of research and practice helping our clients by serving as unbiased analysts covering the talent assessment marketplace.

We Drive Innovation

While our background lies in the development and application of sound science, we are also focused on driving innovation in the use of pre-hire talent assessment tools within technology-based hiring tools and practices. We understand technology and the impact it has had on hiring and pre-employment assessment. We blend our knowledge of best practices with our love of technology to help our clients explore new frontiers. Our founder, Charles Handler, Ph.D., has over a decade of experience providing thought leadership related to innovation in the online hiring process.