Adopt AI Hiring Tools With Confidence

Adopt Talent Assessment and AI Hiring Tools With Confidence

Intrigued by AI -based hiring tools and talent assessments? Our Advising and Auditing can help you move forward while remaining in compliance with NYC Local Law 144, EEOC/OFCCP requirements, and other emerging regulations.

Confused about compliance with New York City’s AI hiring law and its bias audit requirements? Our NYC 144 FAQs report has all the facts you need to know.

Benefits of our Advising and Auditing Services

We know how difficult it can be to select the right talent assessment. Sifting through so many options can be overwhelming, frustrating and challenging. The rapid rollout of AI-powered tools has only amplified those pressures – and increased the risks. Our advising and audits are based on our unique ETHICS-Hire prism framework and are designed to help mitigate those risks and empower your team to make confident decisions around AI.

Get Educated on AI – Fast

Get up to speed on all things related to AI hiring tools.

Evaluate Your Vendors with Confidence

Benchmark your existing workflow and tech stack against best practices, and learn what questions to ask when evaluating current and potential vendors.

Comply with Emerging Legal Requirements & Ethics Frameworks

Ensure compliance with NYCLL144 bias audits, OFCCP and EEOC regulations, and major AI governance frameworks.

Why Rocket-Hire?

Since 2001, we’ve served as independent, trusted advisers for enterprise talent teams across virtually every industry, helping them navigate assessment development, validation, selection and implementation.

In the realm of AI and technology-based hiring tools, few voices carry the weight of experience and expertise as Rocket-Hire’s founder, Dr. Charles Handler, who has more than 20 years of experience educating Fortune 500 clients about technology-based hiring tools, conducting independent third-party validation studies and bias audits, and helping companies evaluate and select the ideal provider for their unique needs.

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Ethics-Hire Prism Framework graphic outlining the Evidence-based, Transparent, Humanistic, Inclusive, Compliant and Secure components of  our ETHICS framework.

How It Works

Talent Assessment and AI Bias Advising/ Audits by Rocket-Hire

We go beyond mere checklists in our Advising and Auditing. We engage in a collaborative partnership with your HR and talent leaders to meticulously assess your goals, including compliance with New York’s LL144 and ethics governance and frameworks. Our approach is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring a thorough and meaningful evaluation.


Setting the Foundation

  • Collaborate to define your specific goals and objectives.
  • Form a cross-functional team of your stakeholders.
  • Review pertinent information to better understand the context better.
  • Create a strategic plan outlining the audit’s scope and expected deliverables.


Engaging in In-Depth Analysis

The activities in this phase are customized based on the audit’s objectives and strategy. Our services in this phase may include:

  • Conducting interviews with stakeholders to gather insights.
  • Reviewing vendors, workflows, and technology tools to understand the existing ecosystem.
  • Collecting and analyzing data to identify patterns and areas of improvement.
  • Conducting bias audits based on the specific formula required by LL144.
  • Creating and delivering educational sessions and content to enhance understanding of AI ethics and bias.


Delivering Tangible Outcomes

The insights gained from the research phase are translated into concrete deliverables such as:

  • Strategic roadmaps to guide future actions.
  • Executive summaries to communicate key findings and recommendations.
  • EEOC-compliant technical documentation to ensure legal compliance.

Financial Commitment

ETHICS-Hire Prism audits start at $25,000.

Advising engagements are priced based on scope and objectives.

The costs of a poor candidate experience, a homogenous workforce, and a failure to follow local and federal regulations can easily be in the millions.

More Resources on Bias in Hiring

Cover of NYC ll144 & AI Ethics FAQ report by Rocket-Hire

Our Commitment to Ethical Hiring and the Use of AI

Rocket-Hire is dedicated to promoting ethical AI in hiring. Our advising and audits are designed to provide a holistic view of your talent assessment and AI-driven hiring tools, ensuring fairness, transparency, and compliance with ethical standards. By leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in talent assessment, through the lens of our ETHICS-HIre Prism Framework, we empower organizations to harness the benefits of AI while upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness in their hiring practices.

Partner with Rocket-Hire for Honest, Expert Advising and Auditing

Reach out to us to learn more about how our services can help your organization navigate the complexities of AI in hiring and build a more equitable and inclusive talent acquisition process.

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