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Science 4-Hire is now Psych Tech @ Work!.

After 6 years and 72 episodes and 20,000 downloads!, why the change?

In case you haven’t noticed a lot has changed in the past six years! AI is creating a seismic impact on the psychology of work, and we all need to pay attention to what is happening here, or else???

Psych Tech @ Work promotes safe technological innovation and human/machine partnerships as an essential force in creating equilibrium and between psychology and commerce.  Maintaining this balance in a time of unprecedented change is essential for ensuring that the future of work is ethical, positive, and prosperous.  

Creating such a future requires an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary collaboration.  With the goal of educating, engaging, and inspiring others through thoughtful and practical discussions with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties, Psych Tech @ Work provides a smorgasbord of food for thought and practical takeaways about the issues that will make or break the future of work.

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How to Kick off an Exciting IO Psychology Career

Featuring: Brandon Sulzberg & Joe Prinzevalli, hosts of the Brando and Joe Podcast

“It’s important to be a sponge when you’re early in your IO psychology career. Pick up pieces of what everybody else is doing that looks like it’s working, and if it doesn’t work, then you learn and grow from it.” Brandon Sulzberg “Having an open mind early in your IO psychology career can lead you…

Organizational Justice Theory and Fairness in the Workplace. With Stephen Gilliland

Featuring: Stephen Gilliland Professor and Director Maldonado Executive Leadership Institute @ Claremont Graduate University

“Organizational justice is about ensuring that every individual feels they are treated fairly and with respect in all aspects of their work. It’s not just about the outcomes they receive, but how those outcomes are decided and communicated. Fair processes and respectful treatment are fundamental to maintaining trust and equity within any organization.” -Stephen Gilliland…

AI, Skills based hiring, digital transformation and the future of recruiting: With Matt Alder

Featuring: Matt Alder, Host of the Recruiting Future Podcast, Author of the book: Digital Talent, speaker, futurist, and advisor

“Skills-based hiring isn’t just removing a degree requirement from a job description. It takes a long time and serious commitment to see it through.” -Matt Alder My guest for this episode is Matt Alder, podcaster, author, consultant and futurist This is an exciting episode because it includes the first ever episode of The Take it…

EEOC Commissioner Keith Sonderling’s Take on Ethics & Regulation in the Age of AI

Featuring: Keith Sonderling: Commissioner of the EEOC

“From the EEOC’s perspective, whether an employment action, employment decision is made by a human or an algorithm, liability is going to be the same for those companies.” “AI tools really have the ability to prevent discrimination, but at the same time, they have the ability to discriminate more than any one individual human being.”…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 05/23/2024

How Psychology, HR Technology, and Investment are Shaping the Future of Work

Featuring: George LaRoque: Founder of Work Tech- The most trusted source of market intelligence and strategic advice for work tech

“Everything really starts with the customer. It’s not just about having a technology, but understanding the problem you’re solving.” -George LaRoque Summary: In this episode, George LaRocque, a leading HR technology analyst, investor and the founder of Work Tech- the #1 source of truth around investment and growth in the HR Tech market, joins me…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 05/09/2024

The Journey from IO Psychologist to HR Leader: Mastering the Business of People

Featuring: JP Elliott: HR and Talent Executive & Host of the Future of HR Podcast

In this episode I welcome JP Elliot, HR and Talent Executive & Host of the Future of HR Podcast. About JP: JP Elliott is a Ph.D’d IO psychologist and forward-thinking global human resources executive with extensive experience implementing human capital initiatives that drive business results, improve organizational performance, and elevate company culture.  He is a…

The psychological impact of tech in the workplace: A simple matter of trust

Featuring: Featuring Tara Behrend: Professor of HR & Labor Relations at Michigan State University & President of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

“We talk about the effect of technology on everything, but ultimately, it’s the people that matter.  This theme has shown up repeatedly, emphasizing that technology doesn’t have uniform effects; we have to consider the psychology of implementation, how it’s used, and its context​​.” `- Tara Behrend Summary: Technology is making the study of psychological safety…

Crafting the Future of Ethical AI in the Workplace

Featuring: Matt Scherer, Senior Policy Counsel for Workers' Rights at the Center for Democracy in Technology

“Legislation… has not kept up with the pace of technological advancements, posing significant challenges for ensuring fairness in AI-driven hiring processes.” -Matt Scherer Summary: In this episode of “Science 4-Hire,”  I welcome Matt Scherer, Senior Policy Counsel for Workers’ Rights at the Center for Democracy in Technology, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. The CDT…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 03/26/2024

Chatbots & Generative AI in Recruitment: A Deep Dive

Featuring: Martyn Redstone of pplbots

In this episode of Science 4-Hire, I welcome my new friend Martyn Redstone, author of the H.A.I.R newsletter, founder of the recruitment chatbot tech consulting company pplbots and a pioneering force in the intersection of conversational AI and recruitment technology.   “Now, we’re seeing the move to generative AI-based chatbots… but it always comes down…

Ethics by Design: Responsible AI is Blueprint, not a Band-aid

Featuring: Bob Pulver- Principal/Founder: Cognitive Path

“This AI piece and all the ethics and governance and everything that goes around that… it really warrants a dedicated role and some specific communities focused on AI ethics and risks.”   Bob Pulver: Founder of Cognitive Path   Summary: My guest for this episode is Bob Pulver, a seasoned expert in the intersection of…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 03/12/2024