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Welcome to Science 4-Hire – with your Host Dr. Charles Handler.

Hiring is hard! Pre-hire talent assessments can help you ease the pain. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you just want to stay on top of the trends, Science 4-Hire! provides 30 minutes of enlightenment on best practices and news from the front lines of the employment testing universe. So get ready to learn as Dr. Charles Handler and his all star guests blend old school knowledge with new wave technology to educate and inform you about all things talent assessment.

Quantifying the Candidate Experience With Nicholas Bremner

The workplace has shifted from being an employer-centric system to employees now understanding their leverage within the workforce. The past few years have shown many companies that creating a better candidate experience is essential for retention and success. But how are they able to quantify the candidate experience? My guest on this episode created an…

Creating Gender Equity in the Hiring Process With Dorothy Dalton

Featuring: Dorothy Dalton

Creating a diverse workplace starts with having an inclusive hiring process, and while more and more employers are making diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority, their hiring practices stall. Bias lurks at every corner of the hiring process, which leads to hiring managers and recruiters excluding the diverse talent that they were looking for in…

Improving the Candidate Experience With Kevin Grossman

Featuring: Kevin Grossman

Are you giving candidates the best experience? Tune in to hear how Kevin Grossman is helping companies step up and improve your candidates’ experience.

Dr. Charles Handler - - 12/15/2021

Assessing Diversity in the Workplace With Rocki Howard

Featuring: Rocki Howard

Have you benchmarked your diversity hiring status? Listen in to learn how Rocki Howard is providing guidance for assessing diversity in the workplace.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy with Slack’s Jenn Longbine

Featuring: Jenn Longbine

Jenn Longbine, HR and recruitment leader and head of G&A recruiting at Slack, shares advice on ways to keep employees happy.

How Hershey’s Inclusive Hiring Practices Are Resulting in Big DEI Wins

Featuring: Alicia Petross

In this episode of Science 4-Hire, Hershey’s Alicia Petross shares how the candy giant’s inclusive hiring practices are resulting in big DEI wins.

What Is the Best Predictor of Job Performance?

Featuring: Bas van de Haterd

What is the best predictor of job performance? In this episode of Science 4-Hire, Bas van de Haterd shares how talent assessments improve hiring and fight bias in a tight labor market.

What the World’s Biggest Retailer Can Teach Us About Employee Selection

Featuring: David Futrell

Selection scientists and recruiters must work as a team to find the best candidates, but their efforts often conflict. Recruiters often want to bring more people in, while pre-hire testing works to screen them out. But the data paints a compelling case for employee selection — and my guest today has no shortage of data.

I Am Progrez

Featuring: Linda Frietman

In this episode I speak with Linda Frietman- one of the founders of IamProgrez a talent assessment firm located in the Netherlands. Linda’s core mission is to create pathways that allow people to show who they are through the data they create- and her firm is doing this in a most novel and interesting way….

Turning Lemons into Lemonade- IO Psychologists Respond to the Ridiculous Assertions Made in the HBOMAX “Documentary” Persona

Featuring: Ben Dattner, David Scarborough and Nathan Mondragon

“Persona” (a documentary recently launched by HBO Max) is a misinformed, slightly schizophrenic film with an identity crisis.  The film provides a multifaceted view on personality testing that never fully ties its various threads together coherently enough to make a credible and cogent argument about the subject matter.   What the film does manage to…