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Hiring is hard! Pre-hire talent assessments can help you ease the pain. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you just want to stay on top of the trends, Science 4-Hire! provides 30 minutes of enlightenment on best practices and news from the front lines of the employment testing universe. So get ready to learn as Dr. Charles Handler and his all star guests blend old school knowledge with new wave technology to educate and inform you about all things talent assessment.

Chatbots & Generative AI in Recruitment: A Deep Dive

Featuring: Martyn Redstone of pplbots

In this episode of Science 4-Hire, I welcome my new friend Martyn Redstone, author of the H.A.I.R newsletter, founder of the recruitment chatbot tech consulting company pplbots and a pioneering force in the intersection of conversational AI and recruitment technology.   “Now, we’re seeing the move to generative AI-based chatbots… but it always comes down…

LLAMA, LLAMA- How to Avoid Generative AI Drama!

Featuring: Vivek Sriram Co-founder:

“So most of the world is made up of full stack application developers who build software for anything from HRIS to accounting, to supply chain, and what have you?   For those people to easily add generative AI capabilities into their applications while remaining in compliance with the security, trust, and safety requirements that enterprises…

Talent Acquisition Strategy Excellence – A Reality Check

Featuring: Kevin Wheeler: Founder - Future of Talent Institute & Bas van de Haterd: Self proclaimed “Professional Snoop” and principal of the van de Haterd Consultancy

One of the most important themes from our conversation is the necessity for talent acquisition professionals to adapt and evolve, emphasizing the need for experimentation and a strategic approach to integrating AI into talent acquisition processes.

Building Digital Coaches Using AI and Psychology

Featuring: Dr. Matt Barney

“When GPT 3.5 came out. I  was like, oh my gosh, we don’t need to train the AI anymore! We just need to prime it.  It’s so similar to psychology!  Instead of programming and language, we’d do it in English.” In this episode of Science 4-Hire, I chew the digital fat with Dr. Matt Barney,…

Spirits in the empirical world: The plight of human job seekers in the age of AI

Featuring: Hilke Schellman, author of the recently released book "The Algorithm: How AI Decides Who Gets Hired, Monitored, Promoted, and Fired and Why We Need to Fight Back Now”, Assistant Professor of Journalism at New York University, and investigative journalist extraordinaire.

“As a journalist, I’ve seen the many facets of AI in hiring – it’s not just about the technology, but about the people it affects.” – Hilke Schellman In this revealing episode of Science 4-Hire, Dr. Charles Handler welcomes Hilke Schellmann, author of “The Algorithm” and Assistant Professor of Journalism at New York University  for…

Hey You Got Your Linguistics in My IO Psychology!

Featuring: Karin Golde, Ph.D.- Founder of West Valley AI

Linguistics and IO psychology go together like chocolate and peanut butter! “When you’re a linguist, especially a syntactician, you look at language a little differently. You see the structures under it, and have this x-ray vision of what’s going on under the hood.” – Karin Golde, Founder of West Valley AI. In this awesome and…

“Making People Smarter about People”: The role of technology and ethics in building world class hiring systems

Featuring: Christina Norris-Watts- Head of Assessment and People Practices at Johnson & Johnson

“We bring data and insights right from that data to our decision-makers… that’s how we make people smarter about people.” – Christina Norris Watts   This episode offers a unique perspective on balancing innovation with ethics in the rapidly changing world of HR technology. My co-pilot for this journey is Christina Norris Watts, Head of…

Setting people analytics free!

Featuring: Cole Napper VP of People Analytics at Orgnostic, and Host of the Directionally Correct Podcast

People analytics is not just for psychologists anymore! “I think that not only will people analytics be the decision maker themselves. In the future, I actually think people analytics will be what HR is.” –Cole Napper on People Analytics My guest this week is Cole Napper, IO psychologist extraordinaire, People analytics thought leader, and inspirational…

The Future Awaits! Navigating Global AI Ethics and Governance with Arnoud Engelfriet

Featuring: Arnoud Engelfriet, Partner at ICTRECHT Academy, Dutch IT Lawyer, and AI Expert

We are all in this together! Don’t miss the chance to expand your mind with a global perspective on issues that will help define the future of global policy, work, commerce, and life in general.

The People Analytics Software Market: Anyone Can Make A List. It Takes Expertise to Give it Life!

Featuring: With Stacia Sherman Garr. Co-Founder of Red Thread Research

Full disclosure: This episode was recorded before our break. In the normal world, not much would have changed in 5 months. But in the new reality of Generative AI- changes have occurred since we recorded this episode. They do not make the research discussed any less valuable, because the trends were identified- but the execution…