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Should Psychometric Assessments Be Used For Hiring?

How to know if you’re using the right tool to support your hiring decisions If you’ve applied for a job, chances are you’ve taken some kind of psychometric test. For what it’s worth, psychometric assessments have been around since the early 20th century. And they’re widely used; the commonly quoted statistic is that as many…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 01/20/2020

Pre-Hire Assessment Lessons From the NFL

As a talent acquisition professional, you’re probably at least somewhat aware of pre-hire assessments, especially given that 82% of companies use them in their hiring process. Few, however, are using them in the right ways. That is, they are not truly investing in comprehensive assessment strategies based on best practices. Reasons include: Lack of support…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 12/10/2019

The 8 Step Path to an Enlightening Candidate Assessment Experience

Assessments are not glamorous, and typically they are not fun. But they do have tremendous value to organizations and applicants alike because they help put the right people in the right job.  All too often assessments are thrown under the bus and blamed for wrecking the candidate experience. But believe it or not, applicants will…

Before Your Throw Away That Long, Boring Pre-Employment Test …

While the topic of candidate engagement and experience with assessment has been written about many times before, the stakes are higher than ever. The prime directive for talent acquisition is providing an excellent candidate experience across the board because:    Unemployment is historically low — creating a seller’s market for candidates and intense competition for talent. Competition between brands…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 09/30/2019

The Future of Recruiting Will Combine Hiring Machines With Psychology

When it comes to AI-based hiring assessment tools, we are presently at the bottom of the Technology Adoption Curve staring upward. Those brave enough to be “innovators” and “early adopters” must accept that emerging assessment technologies are far from perfect. Yes, innovation in AI-based assessments is happening, but the pace is slow. Massive sums of money are…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 11/23/2018

Want Success With Talent Assessment? Read On

As HR and talent acquisition practices mature, savvy leaders of companies both large and small are finally realizing the value of talent assessment to their bottom line. Be it part of a comprehensive integrated talent management program or a stand alone point solution, talent assessment is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success….

Dr. Charles Handler - - 03/01/2018

Want Success With Pre-Hire Assessments? Keep it Simple

If you want a quick scorecard on your existing pre-hire assessment, or one you are considering, your first move should be to put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and take the assessment yourself. When you are finished with this exercise, ask yourself “How does this experience compare with other technology-based consumer experiences that I engage…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 02/15/2018

Talent Assessment Market Overview

For a sample of our knowledge and analysis- download a copy of our 2014 market trends analysis briefing. *Note a new version of this will be out in Q1 of 2018 Complete the form below to download the full report.

Are We Ready for Self-driving Talent Assessments?

Technology is radically changing the status quo in industries across the globe. In some cases, exciting new technologies are a no brainer, driving rapid adoption (think smartphones). In other cases opinions remain divided due to either technological limitations or general fears about the potential impact of the technology (think autonomous/self-driving cars). Autonomous vehicles are a…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 02/01/2018

Talent Assessment Primer

The goal of this report is to provide a fundamental understanding of prehire assessments today, and offer guidance and advice that will help organizations to implement a successful prehire assessment program. Get the full report now.