Getting Inspired About High Tech Assessments

Featuring: Mark Newman

In this episode listeners are treated to 30 minutes of storytelling and inspiration from our special guest Mark Newman, Managing Partner of Liam June Ventures, a prolific investor and founder of pioneering video interviewing company, HireVue.

As a founder of HireVue, a trailblazer in video interviewing and video assessment, Mark has been at the intersection of hiring and technology for most of his entire career.

The episode kicks off with the fascinating story of HireVue’s inception and early days and moves on to discuss the role of advanced tech in shaping the future of I/O psychology and selection science.

The entire conversation is inspiring. From Mark’s perspective creating the future is about embracing change and maintaining a long term focus while being patient enough to accept the limitations of the moment.

Mark brims with optimism about the future of selection science and assessments, stating that..

“From an I/O perspective, we’re entering into a golden age of the principles of I/O Psychology being applied in ways that no one that entered the field, 10, 20, 50 years ago every imagined.”

The conversation then turns to the journey.

We are still in a time when AI based assessment is not appealing to every employer. Finding the future is about progressive employers who are willing to team up with good scientists to thoughtfully test tools and technology.

Mark’s take on the bias question is to remind us not to be scared of the present state, to understand that current tools have bias and that the desire to remove it will ensure that technology is managed to this end. It is important to understand that the careful oversight and expertise of psychologists exert a powerful directional force on the management of unintended consequences from AI based hiring tools.

In the end we are still in the larval stages of building the organizations of the future. These organizations will use I/O psych and data science at scale to ensure hiring is inclusive – allowing people an easier path to the job of their dreams.

For now- there is still lots of work to be done. When it comes to creating the future- perhaps the hardest work for many will be checking their fear at the door.