Great Consulting is Like Jazz- How do the pros learn their chops?

Featuring: Dr. Van Latham

Can you “teach” consulting?
How do the masters learn?
What are the universal truths and secrets to success?

These are the fundamental question that Dr. Van Latham answers with Dr. Charles Handler in this episode.

There has traditionally been no real training for consulting skills. Most of us have learned via experience and many mistakes! There are some central themes that represent the tricks of the trade.

In this episode, two highly experienced consultants offer words of wisdom to those interested in building consulting careers.

Dr. Latham also shares information about the consulting program he teaches at the University of Texas at Dallas.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is looking to up their game when solving problems for clients.

Van M. Latham is an Industrial/Organizational psychologist specializing in Human Resources management. Dr. Latham works in all areas of Human Capital but is known primarily for his work in organizational and leadership development. At PathPoint, he has helped businesses improve organizational capability and performance through effective people practices.

He has consulted with some of the world’s most recognizable companies and brands, such as American Express, AMD, Ashland, Biogen Idec, CVS/Caremark, Dollar General, Ernst & Young, Foot Locker, Harvard University, Hershey’s, Hubbell, Lenovo, McGraw Hill Financial, Marriott, Paychex, PepsiCo, SAP, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

From the launch of his own consulting practice to his work with the University of Texas at Dallas as part of their Organizational Consulting Certificate program, Dr. Latham is the dynamic personality with a wealth of experience to share with listeners, no matter where they are in their own consulting journey.

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