Are We Learning Yet? Only Your Data Knows – So You’d Better Pay Attention To It

Featuring: Eric Surface

Are we learning yet?  Only your data knows- so you’d better pay attention to it.


In this episode Charles welcomes Eric Surface, fellow I/O Psychologist and founder/CEO of ALPS Insights, a training analytics company that provides tools and advice to help companies extract value from their learning programs via actionable insights based on data.


Charles and Eric both share a passion for helping their clients achieve great things through data.  Their conversation covers the gamut of issues related to working with clients and their data- focusing on the inevitable challenges that come with collecting and managing client data.  


Eric is an expert in learning outcomes and the data that provide them- so the main topic of conversation focuses on various methodologies for helping clients unleash the power of their training data and the key role that software plays in this endeavour.  


Being an employee selection specialist, Charles drives the conversation towards an exploration of how training and hiring data can complement one another.


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Dr. Eric A. Surface

Founder, CEO and Principal Scientist

ALPS Insights, Inc.

2409-107 Crabtree Blvd

Suite 304

Raleigh, NC, 27604

919-706-0716, ext. 701

@easphd @ericatehere


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