Humans, Work, and the Pandemic- Making Sense of it All.

Featuring: William Tincup- President, Editor-at-Large at

The pandemic is reshaping our entire world- accelerating changes that were already in the works and creating the need for entirely new and unplanned adaptations.

Join Charles and his guest, William Tincup as they explore the impact of the pandemic on humans and the organizations for whom they work (or are attempting to work for).

Tincup’s shares his experience from the front lines of recruiting and HR technology during the pandemic.

The conversation focuses on a range of topics that are defining the new normal for employers and workers- identifying the trends that are here to stay and speculating on their long term impact. Topics include:

The labor market during and post COVID
Remote work- including the dream of working remotely from Barbados
Technological innovation driven by the pandemic
The Human experience at work

Join two dyed in the wool optimists as they find a silver lining and look to how the lessons and pressures of the pandemic will be viewed from the rear view mirror.

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