AI-Based Job Matching: A Case Study That Looks to the Future of Hiring

Featuring: Mihir Gandhi, VP of Strategic Marketing at Eightfold.AI

Interest in and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the talent acquisition space has skyrocketed since 2015. During this episode of Science-4 Hire, Dr. Charles Handler seeks to learn more about how AI based hiring platforms work- with a specific focus on job matching. Eightfold.AI is doing just that, and much more in pursuit of the company’s core mission to find the right career for everyone in the world.

Mihir Gandhi, VP of Strategic Marketing for Eightfold.AI, discusses how AI is being used to match often not-so-obvious skills of applicants’ to open positions with companies worldwide.

Mihir provides insight into how Eightfold’s technology identifies corollary skills that may not have fit on the traditional, single-page resume. In tandem with skills definition, Eightfold’s AI is creating calibration profiles for hiring managers to use, making it more effective for them to identify information beyond the core skills outlined within job descriptions.

While the discussion goes deep into data and the use of it, there is also discussion around the role of the humans involved. How data is adjusted based on hiring manager feedback, changes to job descriptions, the evolution of skills, and candidates’ stories.

The evolution of candidate skills along with the changing needs of organizations is of particular interest as a result of the current job market and the impact of COVID-19. The pair dive into the importance of candidates’ fluidity and need to reskill, or as Dr. Handler refers to it “self-skill“, in an effort to expand their opportunities.

The use of AI to identify the correlation of skills required for certain positions but that are not explicitly outlined could not come at a better time for TAs and job seekers. Gandhi offers the recently released Talent Exchange, a partnership with McKinsey & Company, which provides companies and individuals free access to this powerful technology. Using their tech to help match those most in need ties directly back into their mission, and democratizes the technology.

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