Moving from Micro to Macro: Blending HR & Business Data to Elevate Staffing

Featuring: Dr. Steven Hunt, Sr VP of Human Capital Management Research, SAP Success Factors

In this episode, Dr. Charles Handler chats with friend and colleague, Dr. Steven Hunt of SAP, an Industrial-Organizational psychologist and recognized expert on strategic human resources. Dr. Hunt has made a career focusing on the use of technology to create more effective workforces.

This episode explores the intersection between technology, human performance, and business performance. The conversation focuses on using technology to tie micro and macro-level data together in order to provide a more complete view of the value of humans to strategic, organization-level metrics.

Dr. Hunt explains that true shifts in business success requires understanding how workforce composition impacts organizational performance. Typically organizational performance is evaluated using data from key functions such as sales and marketing and does not give people data a seat at the table. Recent progress in technologies such as that provided by Dr. Hunt’s employer SAP, facilitate the integration of HR systems with business systems (such as those supporting sales, marketing, supply chain, etc.).

Hunt explains that tying people data to business data is the only way to elevate staffing to be more strategic. Systems that integrate HR data with business data will provide a critical foundation for the change by challenging leaders to think about people differently. Conversely- both Drs. Hunt and Handler agree that this shift will also require I/O and HR professionals to understand business data and how to mesh it with people data.

Dr. Hunt has over 25 years’ experience designing systems for a variety of human capital management applications including performance management, staffing, employee and leadership development, culture change, workforce analytics, and succession planning. He is also the author of two books on HR process design and implementation: ‘Common-sense Talent Management: Using Strategic Human Resources to Increase Company Performance‘ and ‘Hiring Success: The Art and Science of Staffing Assessment and Employee Selection.’

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