The Future Awaits! Navigating Global AI Ethics and Governance with Arnoud Engelfriet

Featuring: Arnoud Engelfriet, Partner at ICTRECHT Academy, Dutch IT Lawyer, and AI Expert

In this intriguing episode of “Science 4-Hire,” I welcome Arnoud Engelfriet from the Netherlands to discuss AI ethics and governance, particularly in the context of the European Union and his new book on AI compliance. Engelfriet brings a wealth of experience in computer science and law, offering deep insights into the regulatory landscape of AI and its broader implications.  The interdisciplinary, global perspective that Arnoud brings to the table is an essential part of the future of ethical AI and AI compliance.

Key Discussion Points:


AI and Algorithm Legal Compliance: Engelfriet talks about his upcoming book “AI and Algorithms: Mastering Legal Compliance,” which details the European approach to AI regulation and AI compliance, focusing on managing risks associated with AI and algorithms​​.


You can pre-order the book here.


AI Act and Ethical Considerations: The conversation delves into the European AI Act, its genesis post-Cambridge Analytica, and its focus on fundamental human rights. Engelfriet emphasizes the need for AI to be ethical and lawful simultaneously​​.


Challenges in AI Implementation: Arnoud and I discuss the practical challenges in AI applications, particularly in hiring and fraud detection. They highlight the difficulties in creating unbiased AI systems and the importance of accountability in AI deployment​​.


The Role of AI Compliance Officers: The rise of the AI compliance officer role is noted as crucial for organizations to adhere to evolving AI regulations and ethical standards​​.


Auditing AI Tools: Arnoud shares his experience in auditing predictive hiring tools, emphasizing the importance of transparency and the challenges in ensuring bias-free AI​​.


Global Impact of AI Governance: The episode concludes with reflections on the global relevance of AI governance and the need for organizations to proactively align with ethical standards and regulations​​.


Notable Quotes:


“At some point, you’re gonna have to trust the people that made the AI system.” – Arnold Engelfriet on the challenges of fully understanding AI decisions​​.


“It’s incumbent on organizations using these tools to do their own studies locally to see what’s happening.” – Dr. Charles Handler on the need for organizations to police their AI tools​​.


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