Will “Novel Signals” Take the Person out of Personality Assessment?

Featuring: Dave Winsborough of Deeper Signals

In this episode Charles welcomes fellow psychologist and personality expert Dave Winsborough for a fascinating and contemporary discussion about the cutting edge of personality testing – with a focus on critiquing AI based personality measures.

Mutual agreement on the value of personality assessment for both life and work provides a foundation for the discussion.  

The discussion proceeds to the good stuff- the use of “novel signals” (i.e., facebook likes, sociometric badges, voice, text, etc.) to extract personality profiles.

Both Dave and Charles agree that we are still not ready to bless these measures as ready for prime time when it comes to personnel selection.  While there is expectation that we will get there- at present foundational issues such as reliability- are significant limitations to the use of AI based personality tools for predictive hiring.

At present this part of the industry is being fueled mostly by hype and wishful thinking- both of which seem to be working when it comes to convincing companies to adopt these tools.  This trend creates some concern for a future where true psychological measurement will become irrelevant.

Here in our present day reality- Dave discusses his role as a founder of “Deeper Signals” a company that offers an innovative personality assessment tool designed to support a deep level of self insight.  The assessment is available to anyone  – and offers a really unique interactive report.  

For those who wish to follow Dave, look for him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davewinsborough/) or through the Deeper Signals  website.

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