Services: What We Can Do For You

We can apply our expertise in talent assessment in many ways, depending on your goals.


Talent Assessment Strategy

We partner with our clients to understand their business, needs, and concerns, and develop an assessment strategy that moves their workforce forward.


Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a critical foundation for the success and compliance of all assessment programs. Our approach is designed to identify and document the unique aspects of each job and the environment in which it takes place. The output of our process is a performance profile that can be used to optimize the selection and design of assessment content, as well as an EEOC/OFCCP compliant technical report.

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Assessment Validation Studies

Do you know if your current system is working for you?  We take a practical approach to assessment validation, focusing on both compliance and strategic alignment, for assessments we’ve designed, as well as third-party vendors.

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Custom Talent Assessment Development

Off-the-shelf content not cutting it anymore? We have more than two decades of experience developing custom pre-hire assessments using trusted methods and advanced technologies.

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Legal Compliance Support

Proper use of pre-hire talent assessment tools requires a strong understanding of the rules and regulations that govern its use. We understand the details required to ensure that assessment programs are compliant with all EEOC and OFCCP regulations, allowing our clients peace of mind. We offer a full slate of services focused on compliance, including strategic planning, audits, statistical evaluation, and technical documentation.

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Talent Assessment Program Audits

We have the tools to help you understand how well your pre-hire talent assessment program is functioning. Our audit services will provide you with the truth about your program and provide you with insight into whether your program is adding value or placing you at risk.


Talent Assessment Vendor Selection

Differentiating between assessment vendors requires a deep knowledge of assessment science and the pre-hire talent assessment marketplace. We take a neutral position, partnering with our clients to understand their needs first and then assisting with RFIs/RFPs designed to find the ideal partner.