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The client did not have any experience with pre-hire assessments but knew that assessments would be key to ensuring their professional level hiring process supported the company’s future talent strategy. Developing an assessment for thousands of hires across hundreds of positions requires domain specific expertise and careful planning. While the client understood the value of a strategic assessment program for supporting their ability to systematically hire for the competencies needed to create the company's future, they lacked the in-house assessment expertise to develop, implement, and manage the program. The client needed expert advising to help them ensure they translated their goals into a workable program that was both strategic and tactical. In order to understand the long term impact of the assessment program, the client wished to evaluate assessment data on workforce productivity, mobility, and development. Finally, the client wished to be sure the assessments used in the program were validated and bias free.


The client retained Rocket-Hire to help them develop an assessment strategy that was complete and comprehensive. Rocket-Hire learned the client’s business inside and out and then applied our knowledge of assessments to create a custom tailored assessment strategy that was directly aligned with the client’s objectives. Rocket-Hire began the project by undertaking a thorough discovery process which included a review of the existing talent acquisition workflow, in-depth discussions with stakeholders across key functions (IT, analytics, development, HR, legal, etc.). Rocket-Hire also spent time developing an understanding of the client’s desired future state. Finally, Rocket-Hire partnered with an assessment vendor to develop a validation strategy and choose the most appropriate assessment content.


The result of Rocket-Hire’s partnership with the client was the development of an assessment charter that provides a thorough roadmap of how assessments can be used to support a measurable, macro level shift in talent. The assessment charter provided a detailed game plan for aligning key aspects of the assessment program to the client’s existing processes. Specifically, the charter mapped assessment tools to the client’s competency model, keyed assessment content to match specific job groupings and job families within functional areas, determined the placement of assessments in the hiring process, identified who would receive assessment data and when they would see it, identified a validation process to ensure the program was fully compliant, and outlined a process for ensuring that assessment data was used to support post-hire processes such as on-boarding. Finally, Rocket-Hire laid out a process for evaluating the long term impact of the assessment program on the client’s strategic goals. The strategy building exercise led by Rocket-Hire served to unify stakeholders from across the company around the value of assessments and ensured that each stakeholder could clearly see the value the program held for them. With the strategy and game plan firmly in place, the client is currently working on obtaining funding to roll out the program.