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The client developed a simple leadership potential tool in-house for the purpose of quickly identifying high potential employees and helping fast track their internal career development. The tool had been in use for several years and while it was felt to be effective, the client did not have any empirical evidence of how well the tool was working. The client wished to conduct validation analyses to determine if scores on the leadership tool were related to positive work outcomes such as productivity and career progression within the company. The client also wished to determine the extent to which scores from a leadership potential tool were related to those captured by more expensive and in-depth leadership development tools such as assessment centers. The client did not have an internal Industrial-Occupational psychology team to run the validation study.


The client retained Rocket-Hire to assemble a data set and run various analysis to determine if the tool is a valid predictor of valued outcomes such as performance ratings, promotions, bonuses, and other indicators of success. Rocket-Hire first developed a set of research parameters to guide the analyses and ensure the output matched the client’s specific research questions. Rocket-Hire then partnered with the client’s internal HR data analysts to obtain, clean, and organize several different types of outcome data. Once Rocket-Hire had a working data set a variety of analyses were conducted in order to evaluate the impact of scores on the leadership potential tool. Rocket-Hire also analyzed the relationship between scores on the tool and scores on several different leadership development tools.


Rocket-Hire’s analyses clearly identified a relationship between the leadership potential tool and a variety of long term outcomes. These analyses validated the value of the leadership potential tool as a predictor of success, demonstrating its value to the organization. Results also showed some correlation between the leadership potential tool and other more in-depth development assessments. Rocket-Hire presented the results of the analyses to the organization’s HR leadership and created a technical report documenting the results. Rocket-Hire’s work provided the client with empirical data to confirm the value of the tool while also helping the client to see direct, measurable value from the tool they created.