See what some of our current and past clients have to say about our work.
“"When our company set out to launch our first retail talent assessment tool, we were very lucky to be referred to Rocket-Hire. We have worked with Rocket-Hire for over two years and have found their support and guidance to be essential to the success of our talent assessment program. Rocket-Hire has been an amazing partner. They’re so much more than a vendor. They thoughtfully dig deep to understand the nuances and niche details that make our stores truly special. Their dedication to understanding our needs and getting to know our business given us the ultimate confidence in our assessment program. I look forward to our continued partnership." ”
Global Head of Talent Acquisition
, Global Athletic Apparel and Footware Manufacturer/Retailer
“When I decided to implement pre-hire assessments into my selection process I quickly discovered that I had a steep learning curve and did not know where to begin. I found Charles' website, contacted him, and received a very prompt reply. The most impressive thing about his process is that he really listened, asked smart questions, and started the conversation with me at exactly the right place, right where I needed to be. The pre-hire assessment field is very broad and very deep and Charles didn't go over my head or "dumb it down" - he aligned with the background I do have, and filled in the blanks where I was uninformed. His ultimate recommendations were spot on, and I had the fortunate problem of having to make a tough choice among three vendors who could all have been good for my needs. I've been in the OD/HR field for over 20 years and can't remember the last time I felt so good about paying for a service - I got every penny's worth and more. I highly recommend Charles to anyone looking first and foremost to "get it right" with pre-hire assessment implementation, but also save a lot of time and money in the effort!”
Nico Gallegos
Chief Fletching Officer, Ohlone Archery
“Charles Handler has been an important part of the ERE community from the start. His technical expertise in screening and assessment combined with his strong technological understanding and thought leadership have been an asset to our readers since 2001. Charles provides a valuable service by bridging the gap between sound science and its practical applications for recruiters and staffing professionals.”
David Manaster
President and Founder, Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ERE)
“Rocket-Hire did a great job providing us with technical documentation services. They have strong expertise in the area of legal compliance and they are a trusted partner when it comes to creating documentation to support employee selection initiatives.”
Mark Ludwick
Manager of Selection and Assessment, Wells Fargo Inc.
“We were very pleased with Rocket-Hire’s methodology for helping us to create an assessment strategy and then identify and screen the best vendors for our specific needs. Rocket-Hire’s knowledge of the assessment market and their vendor neutral position were a huge plus for us. Rocket-Hire provided high touch, personal service at all times and proved to be an excellent partner for evaluating our assessment needs.”
Jeannie Duncan
Director of Talent Management, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.
“Rocket-Hire really took the time to understand our business and culture, and helped us to understand assessments as they related to our specific business needs. Their objective vendor evaluation processes were extremely educational. Rocket-Hire helped us to identify vendors who directly met the needs of our company and their expertise in best practices for assessment was evident in all phases of our project.”
Randy Roth
Recruiting Supervisor, Applied Systems, Inc.
“Dr. Charles Handler is one of the world’s foremost experts on the design and use of staffing assessments. He has devoted his professional career to providing an unbiased, evidence based look at the validity and impact of different assessment methods, and is an active champion for creation of more effective, accurate and fair hiring methods.”
Steven Hunt, Ph.D.
Vice President of Customer Research, SuccessFactors
“When I needed to add an expert in talent assessment to my team, I was lucky to find Charles Handler. Charles truly knows the landscape and has been an immense help to our project.”
Monica Herk
Vice President for Education Research, Corporate Executive Board
“Rocket-Hire knows talent assessment inside and out. When we needed to implement a new assessment for our business, we knew we could count on them to get the right solution in place. Rocket-Hire's approach to understanding our needs and providing the right solution sets them apart.”
Randy Goldberg
VP of Talent Acquisition, Republic Services
“As a long time leader of TA and TM efforts, both as a practitioner within Fortune 500 firms, and as the owner of a strategic talent consultancy, I have worked with a litany of I/O PhDs over the years. Never have I worked with one as practical, ground engaged and whip-smart as Charles Handler. He balances strategic insights with a bias for action and an outcome-driven orientation. He acts as a thought partner and coach to help others consider a range of options related to the needs of the business and key outcomes, along with the speed, cost and quality of attraction, selection and retention efforts. He builds and maintains very strong, credible relationships with both business and HR leaders, which makes him a long-term go-to advisor for many organizations.”
Linda Brenner
President, Talent Growth Advisors (TGA)