Posts From Month: August 2021

How to Avoid Bias in Hiring

Committing to diversity and inclusion doesn’t automatically reduce bias in the hiring process. Recent research from the University of Pennsylvania found that firms who reported that they consider gender and racial diversity when making hiring decisions still displayed significant bias toward resumes from women, minorities or applicants from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Bias in the hiring…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 08/23/2021

In Defense of Talent Assessments in a Tight Labor Market

Let’s face it — the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic have had an unprecedented impact on the labor market. Talent is in short supply, and with the Great Resignation underway, companies may be losing workers faster than they can add them. As employers scramble to figure out how to overcome these challenges, abandoning the…

Dr. Charles Handler - - 08/10/2021