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Talent Talks Podcast: How to Find the Best HR Tech Tools on the Market

Dr. Charles Handler sat with Dr. Ken Lahti, host of SHL’s Podcast, Talent Talks, in April 2020 to discuss the crowded HR tech space. The focus of the conversation was on the flooded marketplace of HR and work tech-based companies that have designed tools that are seemingly life-changing for large and small businesses alike. The…

Adele Tiblier - - 05/29/2020

Driving Engagement While Increasing Quality of Hire [WEBINAR]

There is a perception that using assessments in the hiring process automatically has a negative impact on the candidate experience. This results in fewer companies using assessments in the hiring process to avoid creating a negative candidate experience. The fact is, the use of assessments during the hiring process has a measurable and positive impact…

Adele Tiblier - - 03/27/2020