Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Successful Hiring (and Survival) During a Time of Crisis

Featuring: Caroline Stokes, CEO and Founder of The Forward Company

During this special edition of Science 4-Hire, Dr. Charles Handler is joined by Caroline Stokes. Stokes is an author, Certified Executive Coach and the CEO & Founder of The Forward Company, an executive recruiting and coaching firm.

Stokes has over 20 years of hiring and headhunting experience for major corporations around the world. Her experiences lead her to write the book “Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company”, and to create a company that incorporates a more humanistic approach to the executive hiring game.

Handler and Stokes have an entertaining and informative discussion about the changing mindset among talent acquisition professionals due to the pandemic. The conversation centers around the increased importance of Emotional Intelligence for survival in today’s uncertain climate. The dialogue explores the changes that Handler and Stokes have already witnessed across industries and individuals, and how to apply Emotional Intelligence to improve one’s state of mind now and beyond the crisis.

Stokes outlines the key traits required for survival are a positive mindset and productivity. The #1 trait being Flexibility, followed closely by: Optimism, Gratefulness, Calmness, Compassion, and Respect.

Prior to the pandemic, these were more likely to be “nice to have” characteristics for both candidates and recruiters.

As employers fight each other to attract talent, Stokes advises them to “up” their level of service. Candidates, like everyone, are looking for warmth in their interactions. Friendly and thoughtful is no longer above and beyond during the candidate experience – it’s expected.

Stokes also offers words of wisdom on ways to thrive during a crisis. While the advice is meant for talent acquisition pros, job seekers, and company executives, the tips are helpful to anyone struggling with life as we know it now. She layers lessons in adaptability borrowed from improv, yoga, psychology, and other areas. But it’s an adage shared by Dr. Handler that implies how we should all be handling our current situation: “Blessed are the flexible because they never get bent out of shape.

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