The Intersection of I/O Psychology and Entrepreneurship – Announcing the I/O Entrepreneurs Networking Event at SIOP 2020

Featuring: Neil A. Morelli, Ph.D, VP of Product and Assessment Science, Berke

In this episode, Dr. Charles Handler chats with fellow I/O Psychologist, Dr. Neil A. Morelli, VP of Product and Assessment Science for Berke. Neil specializes in talent acquisition, data science, and product development, but has a special affinity for entrepreneurs.

During the discussion, they dig into the comparisons that can be drawn between those who pursue a career in I/O psychology with those who have (what can best be described as) an “entrepreneurial spirit”. The most prevalent being the shared focus on innovation and creative thinking; and how experimentation and seeking solutions is a trait that has a great deal of overlap between the two pursuits.

Neil, who has been an active supporter of I/O psychology entrepreneurs, also extends an invitation to a special event taking place during SIOP 2020 – I/O Entrepreneurs Networking.

During I/O Entrepreneurs Networking (a new addition to the SIOP schedule), Morelli encourages anyone interested in I/O entrepreneurship, independent consultants (or aspiring ones), those with product ideas, or those interested in meeting others in the I/O space to meet like-minded professionals.

In addition to networking, the event will feature an informal showcase of I/O-created businesses. This “startup village” will allow interaction between those aspiring to build their own products and solutions with others who have or are in the process and willing to show their progress.

SIOP 2020 – I/O Entrepreneurs Networking Event Details

  • Date / Time: Thursday, April 23rd from 5:00 to 6:00 PM
  • Location: Room 305 of the JW Marriott (conference hotel)
  • Description: Network with like-minded
  • Interested in showcasing a product? A few spaces are still available. Contact Neil via email to have your I/O product included.

The pair goes on to discuss the factors that are leading to the shift in more I/O’s embracing and implementing more entrepreneurial efforts to the benefit of the companies they work for (or to embark on their own endeavors).

Before joining Berke, Dr. Morelli served as the Head of Product and Selection Science for The Cole Group, an executive search firm serving high-growth technology companies. He has also worked for an early stage, web-based assessment company and as a talent management consultant for Fortune 500 companies including Georgia Pacific, Wal-Mart, Bridgestone Tires, and Texas Instruments. Dr. Morelli received his Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from the University of Georgia and his M.S. in I/O Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His research interests include technology-enabled recruitment and assessment and he has authored several articles and book chapters in a variety of peer-reviewed publications. Connect with Neil on LinkedIn.