Global Athletic Apparel and Footwear Manufacturer/Retailer


The client needed help developing and implementing a global assessment strategy for their hourly retail associates. The addition of an assessment to the hiring process was part of a larger redesign intended to give time back to the stores by centralizing the recruiting function and including a validated assessment tool. In this situation the assessment had to function effectively within a larger context that involved many stakeholders. The client also owns several brands, each of which has several different store concepts. The client needed to understand if their associate positions differed across their brands and store types before any assessments could be implemented. Our client had no prior experience with assessments and needed a partner to help them make the right choices, keeping the applicant experience first while also ensuring the assessment delivered both ROI and legal compliance.


Rocket-Hire partnered with the client’s project team as a technical expert whose role it was to guide the development of a global assessment strategy. We started by getting to know our client and their retail operations. We then partnered with the client to develop a charter for their assessment program. This charter specified the timing and budget parameters for the assessment program. Rocket-Hire then conducted a large scale job analysis to understand and document a success profile for the position. The output of this process provided the client with a clear picture of any differences between brands and store concepts as well as all the information needed to create a specification for the assessments to be chosen.


Rocket-Hire provided the client with expert advice and guidance that was customized directly to their needs. We served as an integral part of the project team involving stakeholders from different functional areas across the organization. Our job analysis work helped calibrate the entire organization to the profiles required for success on the job while also providing their assessment program with the peace of mind that comes with a compliance-focused job analysis. Our job analysis research also allowed the client to verify that the same profile could be used for all brands and store types. By documenting the success profile first and then creating a specification for the right type of assessments, the client was able to shop for an assessment solution with a detailed understanding of their needs driving the conversation. By assisting the client with the implementation of a validated assessment, they were able to move to pilot in record time. At the end of the day, Rocket-Hire helped the client to add process efficiencies that will save the client millions of dollars a year, while ensuring they are hiring the right applicants via a defensible process. The assessment program charted a course that supported the entire hiring process redesign.