Global Hospitality Company


The client has a number of different brands and businesses across the globe. While assessments were in use globally, there were a number of different vendors being used and there was no unified assessment strategy to tie things together. The client needed help understanding the big picture talent assessment program so that they could create a unified talent assessment strategy that could be applied to all their brands globally.


The client retained Rocket-Hire to do a thorough audit of all the talent assessment vendors and solutions in use. The goal of this exercise was to document a baseline state to serve as a foundation for the development of a unified, global strategy that would allow the client to evolve their use of talent assessments. Rocket-Hire started the project with a thorough discovery process that included interviews with stakeholders in each business to understand the assessments they were using. As part of the review process, Rocket-Hire also engaged with each of the assessment vendors currently used by the client, reviewing their solutions and any related technical documentation. Once discovery was complete, Rocket-Hire summarized the current state of talent assessments in use across the entire organization and then provided a series of strategic recommendations designed to guide the client’s talent assessment program to a more unified and strategic future state.


Rocket-Hire’s detailed review and roadmap helped the client to identify which vendors to retain and which assessments should be used for each brand and business across the globe. Rocket-Hire’s work allowed the client to prioritize the new assessments they wished to bring online and identify the best solutions for each situation. The client was able to use the project deliverable to focus on short term needs while ensuring that the future state of their assessment program was aligned with long-term business strategy.