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Science 4-Hire with Dr. Charles Handler

Hiring is hard! Cutting-edge talent assessment technology can help you ease the pain. Featuring leading global experts and progressive HR leaders, Science 4-Hire discusses all things talent assessment including industry news, the brightest ideas for improving the hiring process and the innovations poised to disrupt the field. So get ready to learn as Dr. Charles Handler and his all-star guests blend old-school knowledge with new-wave technology to keep you in the know.

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Fixing the Candidate Experience Journey With Kevin Grossman

Today on Science 4-Hire, I’m joined by none other than Kevin Grossman, president and board member at Talent Board and expert on all things candidate experience. Every year, Grossman leads Talent Board’s benchmark research to identify trends and best practices in what makes a good candidate experience journey. Talent Board is a nonprofit organization dedicated…

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From the Desk of Dr. Charles Handler

“Diversity Decay”: How Bias Compounds Down the Hiring Funnel

Companies know that diversity is important, especially as the markets they serve also continue to become more diverse. For decades, companies have operated under the false assumption that a lack of organizational diversity is a talent pool or pipeline problem. And, with that attitude, companies historically haven’t felt obligated to implement diversity and inclusion recruitment best practices.

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Transform Your Talent Assessment Program

20 years ago, delivering assessments online was revolutionary. But little has truly changed since then. The hiring game is changing rapidly and companies using disjointed, inefficient, and outdated methods are losing ground in a fiercely competitive jobs market.

Symptoms of a legacy talent assessment program include:

  • Poor candidate experience
  • Lack of access to data and analytics 
  • Hiring the wrong people for the wrong roles
  • Manual work that creates inefficiencies 
  • Using multiple platforms across the hiring funnel

To be competitive in the modern world, talent assessment programs require a digital transformation. Wondering how to get started? Our new eBook provides the roadmap to your digitally powered talent assessment future.