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Hiring is hard! Pre-hire talent assessments can help you ease the pain. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you just want to stay on top of the trends, Science 4-Hire! provides 30 minutes of enlightenment on best practices and news from the front lines of the employment testing universe. So get ready to learn as Dr. Charles Handler and his all star guests blend old school knowledge with new wave technology to educate and inform you about all things talent assessment.

Getting Inspired About High Tech Assessments

Featuring: Mark Newman

In this episode listeners are treated to 30 minutes of storytelling and inspiration from our special guest Mark Newman, Managing Partner of Liam June Ventures, a prolific investor and founder of pioneering video interviewing company, HireVue. As a founder of HireVue, a trailblazer in video interviewing and video assessment, Mark has been at the intersection…

The EEOC and AI Based Assessments- The inside scoop!

Featuring: Dr. Romella El Kharzazi

While the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (aka UGES) provide a solid foundation when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of employment testing- it is always nice to hear about the EEOC’s stance on key issues straight from the horse’s mouth. In this episode special guest Dr. Romella El Kharzazi, of the…

Job Analysis – An Existential View

Featuring: with Dr. Ed Levine

Dr. Ed Levine, Professor Emeritus in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of South Florida, and a long time friend of Dr. Charles Handler joins us in this episode. Dr. Levine literally wrote the book on job analysis. In this episode Dr. Levine shares decades of wisdom about the how and why of job analysis. The…

Game-Based Assessments for Hiring – What You Need to Know!

Featuring: Ben Hawkes

Ben Hawkes is an I/O psychologist who is a thought leader in game-based pre-employment assessment tools.Ben is currently the co-Founder of BlackHawke Behavior Science and has served as the Selection Assessment Lead for Shell International since 2016. Ben’s background and experience make him a perfect resource for helping Dr. Handler answer the question: “Are game-based…

How to Keep Pre-Hire Assessments from Wrecking the Candidate Experience

Featuring: Gerry Crispin

There is no one better to weigh in on this most timely of topics than Gerry Crispin, co-founder of CareerXroads and the TalentBoard and long time champion of those who demand more from their hiring experience.   This episode provides an honest answer to the question: “Can assessments and a positive candidate experience peacefully coexist?”…

AI Based Assessments: Science or Science Fiction?

Featuring: Dr. Richard Landers

Dr. Richard N. Landers is the John P. Campbell Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and directs the TNTLAB (Testing New Technologies in Learning, Assessment and Behavior). Dr. Landers is one of the foremost authorities on advanced assessment methods. His research on advanced gamification, AI, and Virtual reality based assessments techniques make him the perfect person to answer the question, “Are advanced assessment technologies overhyped in 2018?”

Introducing Science 4-Hire

Featuring: Dr. Charles Handler

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